Terms and conditions

The products and services sold by Lvy electronics ("Products") are subject to these terms and conditions ("Agreement")

1. Acceptance and Cancellation of Orders:

Site content and pricing are an invitation to make an offer to the customer. Responses to offers and other inquiries regarding pricing and availability are not considered an offer by Lvy electronics. Acceptance will be confirmed in writing, or in writing via an e-mail order form. Acceptance may also be made by Lvy electronic fulfillment of a customer order. Orders accepted by Lvy may be canceled by Customer with Lvy's written consent, provided that such orders are not "NC/NR" or "non-cancelable/non-returnable" and do not involve "non-standard products ". Non-standard products are products that Lvy must order specifically for the customer from the supplier. This also includes products that are not normally in stock or orders that have incorporated value-added services into the product. Non-standard products are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Lvy may identify products as non-standard or "NC/NR" in a variety of ways, including quotations, product listings, accessories or displays. Customers may not change, cancel or reschedule an order for Products without the consent of Lvy Electronics. If Lvy Electronics accepts an order from Customer and then the Customer cancels the order, Lvy Electronics may require Customer to pay Lvy Electronics reasonable cancellation fees. Such fees shall be paid by the Customer to Lvy electronics. The customer's request for rescheduling is subject to acceptance by Lvy electronics in its sole discretion. Customer's may not cancel or reschedule an order after Lvy electronics has submitted the order to the shipping carrier. Lvy electronics reserves the right to limit or cancel any order and to allocate sales, limit quantities of selected products and limit selected products to its customers in its sole discretion.


Lvy uses its best efforts to provide current prices and accurate information on its products, but does not guarantee the currency or accuracy of any such information.Prices are subject to change at any time prior to Lvy Electronics' delivery of your order. If Lvy becomes aware of a pricing error, we will notify the buyer of the corrected price and the customer may choose to accept the corrected and updated price or cancel the order. Lvy is not responsible for pricing or other errors in any communication with the customer and reserves the right to cancel any order resulting from such errors. Orders will be billed at the price and currency in effect at the time of shipment. Prices will be specified by Lvy. Unless otherwise stated in the quote, quotes are invitations to bid and are subject to change at any time without notice. The website reflects the most current pricing information available. Prices displayed on the website are subject to change without notice. Pricing for undelivered products may increase if Lvy's costs increase, market conditions change, or other circumstances beyond Lvy's reasonable control, including, but not limited to, manufacturer's price increases, changes in exchange rates, or quoting errors. If Customer does not purchase the quantity on which the quantity price is based, Customer will pay a non-discounted price for the actual quantity purchased and/or cancellation or restocking fees. Taxes not included in the price (sales tax, use tax, excise tax, VAT and similar taxes or charges, as well as international shipping charges, freight forwarder and brokerage fees, consular handling and documentation fees).

3. Payment:

The Buyer must pay immediately upon receipt of the offer in order to avoid a significant increase in the market price that could cause the transaction to fall through.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the seller, the transportation costs of the products shipped by the seller to the buyer shall also be paid by the buyer to the seller.

4. Delivery and Ownership:

Customer shall pay all freight charges to Lvy in addition to the purchase price of the Products. Without prejudice to Lvy's right to suspend shipment, Lvy's delivery of the Products to the carrier shall constitute delivery to customer and title and risk of damage shall pass to customer accordingly. Lvy will use its best efforts to ship and endeavor to deliver on the delivery date requested by customer. Customer acknowledges that the delivery dates provided by Lvy are only predictions and that Seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or failure to perform due to events beyond Lvy's reasonable control. Selection of carriers and delivery routes will be made by Lvy electronics unless specifically designated by the customer. Lvy reserves the right to deliver in batches. Delay in delivery of one lot does not entitle the customer to cancel any other lots. Delivery of any lot within thirty (30) days of the requested date will constitute timely delivery. Delivery of less than the specified quantity does not relieve Customer of its obligation to accept delivery by Lvy and to make payment for the goods delivered.

5. Return of the goods:

Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted delivery upon acceptance of the goods. Buyer shall inspect or test the delivered goods as soon as possible and we promise to guarantee the quality (new and unused) for sixty (60) days from the date you receive the goods, after which time Buyer shall be deemed to have irrevocably accepted the products. If Lvy agrees to accept a return, return shipping must be prepaid by the customer. Lvy does not accept cash on delivery shipments. Some products may need to be returned directly to the manufacturer. All returned items must be in their original packaging, unused, untested, unprogrammed and in resalable condition. Please contact a customer service representative for return authorization and address instructions prior to returning the product. Any ESD, programmable semiconductor, or moisture-sensitive products that have been returned open will not be eligible for credit. These statements regarding returns do not apply to non-cancelable/non-returnable products. (See the Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable Products section of these terms.

6. Counterfeit product prevention clause:

Only products that were shipped from Lvy electronics for that order may be returned to Lvy. if customer returns a product to Lvy, the customer will be required to prove that the product was purchased from Lvy electronics and that it has not replaced all or part of the same product from another supplier, distributor or another such product source. Returned products shall be in the original packaging (of the manufacturer or Lvy electronics), unused and untested (except for defects) Esd, programmable semiconductor or humidity sensitive products shall be unopened. If Lvy electronics receives a product that is not Lvy's, Lvy will return it to the customer.




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