ISO9001:2015 is a quality management system standard formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard has absorbed the international advanced quality management concept. We follow and establish a strict quality management system. Provide customers with better products and services.

Anti-counterfeiting policy

ERAI, whose full name is Electronics Reseller Association International Incorporated Inc., was established in 1995 as a global information service organization responsible for monitoring, investigating and reporting issues affecting the global electronic supply chain. As an industry-leading source of risk assessment tools, ERAI provides exclusive services and in-depth information to enable its members to implement industry-specific risk mitigation for suspected counterfeit, high-risk and non-conforming parts, and identify problematic suppliers and customers. The members of ERAI Association include OEM, CM, OCM, distributors, government agencies, industry associations and other organizations serving the industry.

Lvy joins ERAI and becomes a member of the association. It can access the comprehensive list of known and most risky models in the industry, help us reduce the risks in the process of purchasing components or stopping production of components, thus helping customers improve procurement efficiency, control supply risks, and provide customers with safer, reliable and stable supply chain services.


quality control system        
Supplier audit/hierarchy system

Prevent the introduction of counterfeit products into our supply chain through strict identification and trade reference.      
Lvy strictly selects our reliable supply partners.      
Only high standard distributors that meet our incredible high supplier standards, such as manufacturers, franchisees, OEMs, CM, and independent distributors with good reputation, can become partners in our strict supply chain

Inspection process

We also have a complete set of strict testing standards, professional testing equipment, and knowledgeable field application engineers, committed to reviewing all component sources and products. 

All components are transported to Ronglianxing Quality Inspection Laboratory, where they are inspected and verified for their source (visual inspection, X-ray and acetone verification test through our 300x magnifying glass, etc.), and then they are stored and shipped to the end customer


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